Research has revealed that private community schools produce better academic and extracurricular performances from pupils in comparison to public schools. This research sort of contradicts our previous article which demonstrated that maintained schools within the Havering Borough Community produced better results when compared to other schools.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits of community schools which help in ensuring better overall performances from pupils in such schools.

Here are 4 benefits of community schools.

1 They provide a better learning atmosphere

In most cases, the size of a private community school will be much smaller than a public school and this therefore means that the school will have a small number of students therefore guaranteeing a better student to teacher ratio. In addition to this, the fact that pupils are smaller in number means that there will be more opportunities for them to interact thereby forming good friendships which have been proven to promote better learning.

2 They provide more discipline

Cases of indiscipline in private community schools are usually much lower in comparison to public schools because the former are much stringent when it comes to enforcing discipline. You will therefore realize that cases of bullying are much lower or even nonexistent in private community schools, the same of which can’t be said for public schools. This therefore means that private community schools will produce an all rounded pupil both academically and socially.

3 They produce more social pupils

Most private schools focus on offering curriculum that is learner centered and this type of curriculum encourages pupils to actively participate in class that nurturing them to be self-expressive thereby getting rid of their shyness. This is a quality that goes on to tremendously benefit them in college because they are already used to speaking up while in class. The same can’t be said of public schools because their mode of delivery is mostly teacher centered thus promoting introverted tendencies among pupils.

4 Pupils learn how to form strong relationships

Because of the small number of students in a private community school, most of the interactions be they between the pupils themselves or between the pupils and teachers will often be on a one-on-one basis. This has the benefit of teaching these pupils early on how inter-personal relationships work and this is something that ends up benefiting them later in life. The same can’t be said of public schools because there are very limited opportunities for one-on-one interactions.

With all these benefits of private community schools, as members of the Havering Borough Community, we can encourage the formation of more of them or pick these best practices and introduce them to our maintained schools.

All in all, we can be confident that we are one of the boroughs in the UK that are enjoying the benefits of a very good academic track record.