The Havering platform’s key goal is to bring together community members and business people from the Havering Borough Community in a central platform where they can mutually benefit from each other. This is done based on the realization that our small businesses are struggling to get to customers whereas our community members are struggling to get quality services.

The overall idea is to enhance the growth of our small businesses so that they not only offer quality services but also help build our local economy.

In this article, I am going to look at the 4 key ways small businesses can benefit a community.

Small businesses are a way of keeping community members involved in local economic growth

One of the key things about having small businesses in a community is that they help in enhancing local economic growth. This is because the money the community members spend on the business tends to circulate back into the local economy. This may be through creation of employment opportunities, sponsorship of local events, sponsorship of academic programs, and so on. Most responsible owners of small businesses make it a point to give back to the community.

Small businesses are a way for communities to have an identity

In each and every community, there are usually those businesses that help give the community a sense of identity by offering services that are only unique to that community. Most of these businesses are formed out of necessity because they solve a community need that they happen to be the best at solving. These could range from antiquities, a veterinary shop, a bakery, and so on. This usually helps in giving the community character.

Small businesses enhance a service delivery

One of the biggest benefits of small businesses is that because they predominantly serve members of the community, there is a very high likelihood that the business owners get to know each of their customers by name. This therefore enhances service delivery because when a business owner knows each of their customers personally, they will strive to keep offering them the best service because they don’t want to damage their standing in the community.

Small businesses are good for the environment

At a time when there is a lot of clamor to help tackle global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, small businesses can be one of the best solutions because by virtue of being local, community members can be encouraged not to use their cars when going shopping and instead cycle or walk to the local shop. This is a great way to reduce vehicle emissions into the environment and in the long run give a community a sense of participation in improving the environment.

With all these benefits and many more that I may not have mentioned such as increased job opportunities, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and so on, the benefits of promoting small businesses in a community can’t be overstated.

After reading this, you probably now have a better appreciation as to why platforms such as Havering are a no brainer. I trust that you are already making use of this valuable platform.