I strongly believe that for Havering Borough Community to grow into a tight knit community there is need for us to embrace a number of community services that will help enhance social cohesion. In this time when we need to boost our local economy, enhance our security and grow our community into a desirable place for residents, the need for social cohesion can’t be overemphasized.

In this article, I am going to look at 4 ways to enhance social cohesion through embracing community services.

1 It enhances our desire to want to give back

As members of our community, there’s not a greater feeling than that of wanting to give back to your community through service. This doesn’t just benefit us in the long run but will also benefit our kids and their kids especially if they choose to live their lives in this community just as most of us do. Embracing this sense of social responsibility with the desire to work together to uplift our community is the best decision one can ever make.

2 It helps us instill good values on our children

There’s nothing that makes a parent proud like raising up kids with good values. One of the best ways to achieve this is through involving them in community service. Letting kids know that working hard should not be just about becoming successful but that they can also work hard in the service of others is one of the best life lessons you can give them which will help enhance their value system as they also transition into adulthood.

3 It enhances our social connectedness

The more community members are jointly and actively involved in community services, working together for the betterment of their community, the stronger their interpersonal relationships. This will help enhance social connectedness between the different members. It even becomes more enhanced if both adults and kids are involved in this act of giving back because these values then get handed down to generations to come.

4 It can be a way to discover our passions

Most people have a tendency to live through life without ever discovering what their purpose in life is and this has resulted in many living unfulfilled lives. Taking the time to get involved in community services may be the way in which you discover your purpose. By taking up a cause that serves others, you may end up discovering that this is your passion and is actually what your purpose in life was meant to be.

With such tremendous long term benefits of getting actively involved in community services, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage members of the Havering Borough Community to sign up to be volunteers and let’s work together to grow our community.

It’s also a good idea for you to enroll your kids into community service so that they can have an avenue to make use of their extra time and in the process learn a couple of values that will benefit them later in life.