I am Alexander Townsend and I take this opportunity to welcome you to Havering which is an online platform that brings together residents of the Havering Borough Community. This is a local platform where residents are linked with service providers from within this community and the idea is to ensure that residents get access to the best service providers in town.

Through Havering, residents get to interact, share their experiences as well as list their local business which provide goods and services that their fellow community members can benefit from. We are not just promoting business but rather local businesses that are operated by our very own community members.

In whichever field your business may be in, from health, to education, to retail, to entertainment and hospitality, among a host of many others, through the Havering platform, we can guarantee you access to customers. We will also publish informative articles touching on various topical issues affecting the Havering Borough Community and we trust that this information will add some value to you.

We look forward to working with you and engaging you as we grow this vital resource platform for the Havering Borough Community.