Ways to Learn Online Marketing and Be Good At It



Have you heard about online marketing these days? Do you know what it is? Do you see yourself doing it in the future? Well, today, I am going to tell you my experience about online marketing and how I became pretty decent at it for the past years of my entire career.

The first time I’ve heard online marketing, I am actually confused about how is it done and who are the people behind this industry. The next thing I know, I am now part of the growing family of online marketers all over the world. How did I do it? Well, most of friends and fellow marketers say that I am creative and a curious one which leads me to where I am right now.

Let me tell you this, the things that really helps me grow in the online marketing industry are these ways:

  1. Doing
  2. Teaching
  3. Questions
  4. Process


It is pretty broad for ordinary people to learn immediately, right? So now, I will show you these things that teach me how to learn online marketing and how you can do it too.



You might be familiar with phrase “you learn by doing”, right? Well basically it is somewhat true in the online marketing industry. If you try different marketing techniques on your site, if you have one, you will learn what the things that work and what doesn’t.

When I first started doing online marketing, I got no results and ended up losing all of my money that I’ve spent in which it leads to learn on my own later on. Now I am going to show you how I learned to market my own site with these easy steps:

  1. I’ve learn the basics of marketing your site which is to learn how to modify basic HTML code and upload images. There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube in which you can download and study at the comfort of your home.
  2. I also read related blogs daily like the Marketing Land or Moz because they give good points and tips as well. I also subscribed to them for me to get the latest blog updates of their site through my email.
  3. During my spare time, I watched online marketing videos in different categories like SEO, content marketing, social media and others to understand how to work out my online marketing business and point it in the right direction. I don’t focus on all forms of online marketing at once. Instead, I give time to study one marketing idea and then afterwards, I proceed to the other one step by step.


If you love teaching yourself and others too, then you can apply it in your marketing strategy. . I didn’t really become great at online marketing until I started teaching it. I got to witness other marketers after I’ve joined several conferences and then afterwards, I got to speak in front of other people in which it helps me boost my confidence and they also give me ideas on my next moves. You don’t have to blog or speak at conferences to teach. It can be as simple as helping out a friend or discussing it with other marketers that you know or meet at the conference. After that, you will eventually learn more about online marketing from them.


Of course, questions are part of growing up as a business owner. Ask questions or get questions from other people. That way you can evaluate yourself and compare your ideas with them in a healthy way.



To create a detailed process, you have to think things through. Whether it is your own self-made process or adapting other marketer’s process, it is up to you to execute that plan and ensure that you will audit it thoroughly.


All of the learnings above are part of growing up as an adult and a professional as well. It’s really up to you to guide yourself into the direction you wanted it to be. There is nothing in trying things. You will be surprised of what it can offer to you in the end. Good luck and keep those positive ideas float!


Marketing Lessons to Learn and How to Apply It



In the world of marketing these days, everyone are looking for that fresh, new angle and new approaches that can either enhance their skills in the business or even do other stuff that they have never tried out before in their entire marketing career.

Based on my experience, I do believe that the most useful skills in the marketing business industry are to be able to look beyond what other people else is doing right now and bring it in my own marketing plan. That way you can find new ways to deliver your marketing strategies in the right path.

Just like doing a yoga session in a yoga studio. You can learn all the things and lessons they are doing just by simply watching online videos and tutorials too. Or either way, you can also learn it from other people and not just your fellow yoga friends.

It is just like allowing yourself to cross the line of your comfort zone and make your ideas stronger by applying what others think you can’t do. Sometimes people get tired of the same old marketing techniques that other marketers are doing these days. They are now up for much bigger challenges to face.

Let me share with you some of the important marketing lessons I have learned during my first years of joining the online marketing industry and how you can apply it for your own marketing strategies too:

  1. Remember this – success comes at the intersections

There are so many marketers out there that are eager to reach the top of the ladder just by doing anything they can. At first, I follow where the crowd takes me but later on I realized that marketing in a crowded situation is not a good idea. There are other ways to look for a profitable intersection. If you know what you are capable of, then it is better to start look around for types of customers that can benefit from that in an unexpected way possible. I’m surprised by the opportunity that is waiting for me on the outside the crowd.

  1. Go where there are customers

I always take note to myself that not every niche market is a profitable one. That is why I always point my marketing plans to where the customers are. You can either use the power of online searching or if you like to be on the outdoor, do it while you can. You don’t have to have that many factors to find your own delightfully profitable niche. All you need is that one powerful motivator that will drive you into the top of the board, whether it is you passion, wealth, family and others.

  1. Focus on your delivery results

Start with a strong product that delivers the results your customers want to have. Master what you have right now and perfect it until you reach that strong, solid market of buyers in your online marketing community. Afterwards, you can now just relax, watch and listen as the flow goes on and on. Isn’t it an amazing feeling?

  1. Come up with a label that works for your customers

Other customers think branding is a luxury that is for huge businesses so they can’t really afford it. So the thought of it keeps on haunting me that I came up with a label that actually works for my customers. The very key to it is to listen to your customers’ needs and what they want you to bring to the table for them. It’s called mutual understanding between the marketer and the customer. Label your products and services in a way that makes it easier for your customers to buy.

I learned all of these things just by simply watching videos, listening to my customers and fellow marketers and of course, I do self studies when I have spare time to do it. It will help you keep up with the marketing changes and adapt to it. Hopefully these lessons will inspire you to build your own one day. Good luck everyone!

What I Have Learned About Investing These Days



For the past years in my life, when I first heard about investing, I was like doubtful and it takes me long time to think about it before I gave it a benefit of a doubt. Couple of years later, I’ve learned few useful and risky things about investing and managing money. Have you ever thought about investing your money this time around?

Let me tell you this. The first thing I have learned the moment I step out of my comfort zone and give investing a try for luck is that no two investors are alike. I mean well obviously every one of us is different in our own way of thinking and doing, right? But I found something very unusual that caught my interests. Here’s how investing works for me and probably for you too:

  1. To tell you honestly, I am not a good investor because I don’t have the investment degrees that other investors have obtained and all I have in my right now are the learnings about investing and managing money during my time when I entered marketing, reading useful references about investing and also, I listened to other investors’ ideas as well. Yes, they are pretty convincing in their own way.
  2. The moment I step in the investing industry, I make sure I have done my homework regarding investing and managing money. At first, the only person I have listened to is me but then later on, I started to change my way of thinking and planning with the help of the other investors.
  3. Now this is really important for you to know. The internet, as an investor, is our great resource to find useful investment ideas and fellow investors too. Sometimes it can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with the internet so you have to focus and give time for it.
  4. Others may think this is really odd but to tell you frankly, I am really happy to listen to other people’s opinions. It helps you balance what you know and what they know when it comes to decision making. But I never make it as an investment decision based on what they have told me. I make sure I have done the valuation work myself before dealing with it.
  5. As part of growing as an investor, there is this chance that you’ll face stressful tasks. It’s part of the business you know. And one thing that you should know is that nobody can time the market or predict what will happen next with the economy, the interest rates or the currencies in the long run. All you need to do is be updated with it and handle the pressure like a professional. That’s the way it should be.
  6. And lastly, the moment when you know the market goes down, prepare yourself for the great waves of people telling you that it will get worse or they will even tell you that they knew the market was overvalued or this will happen. Those are also the people who would never tell you when to buy or when the market is undervalued.

These are the first things I have learned in my entire investing beginning journey. The moral lesson is that you should never let the people bring you down. Instead, make them your motivation for success and pursue what you think is best for you. You are the controller of your life, not them. Prove them wrong and give it all you’ve got. See you all soon!

Start A Business In Havering!



Going out on your own and starting to make a living is never easy. It’s one of the toughest decisions in life that you’ll ever make to grow as an adult and be part of the community where you belong. That’s the first thing that came up in my mind the moment I first step outside my comfort zone – my home.

It feels really strange at first to handle your own life and be in control of everything you do in order for you to become a fully grown adult in this industry. Managing your own business and handling your personal necessities are two of the most difficult jobs to do if you are not sure of what you are doing.

But aside from the toughness and never-ending decisions that you should make every day, one of the best things that ever happened to me the moment I started my own business line is the feeling of freedom and independent. It’s like you are now capable of what to do and what to decide with your life, whether you’ll turn the wheel of life upside down or be in control of everything around you. That’s what I have learned from this internet-based business industry.

When you enter the world of internet-based businesses, make sure your whole dedication and self are focus on that matter in order for you to surpass all the trials that might come in your way. There are other companies all around the world that started from the bottom and now on the top but the moment they shift their focus away from their current business, they tend to lose everything on the way. It is like overcoming traditional obstacles when it comes to building your business and competes with the modern ways that most companies are adapting these days.

From years and years of searching for solutions, great tips and ideas, related articles and communicating with fellow business owners, I have come to realize that experience, passion and dedication are the 3 most applicable characteristics that every beginners in the business industry should possessed. When you have all the money to start the business but you don’t have any idea on what to put up then it is just worthless. Money can take you to where you want to be but experience, passion and dedication can take you further without even minding about your finances.

The global phenomenon of the internet revolution is fundamentally and irrevocably changing the way companies do business each and every day, requiring integrated interactions across a greatly expanded enterprise, and leveraging of the web to streamline operations across this enterprise. That is why I started to grow as a person first before I started to build my business because you can’t handle a business properly if you, yourself, can’t handle your own problems. That’s what I’ve learned from all the research, communicating with other people and comparing their experiences with mine has made me today.

Always remember everyone that the key to an effective and successful internet-based business is to know if you are ready to face the challenges up ahead and make them as your motivations in life and to your success. Good luck and always keep your feet on the ground!