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Top 100 Companies in Essex

There are a lot of businesses in the UK, especially in Essex.  In the year 2014, things are finally looking up for Essex businesses. Profits are up a well as their overflowing confidence.

The Essex Limited 2014 Survey is the first ever in depth survey made to measure the county’s top 100 companies. Following the success of a similar annual event hosted in Suffolk by Grant Thornton, Essex Ltd. has been launched. It has helped provide an important barometer of the county’s overall business performance and changing marketplace.

Carried out by financial advisers Grant Thornton and Birkett Long law firm, the Essex Ltd. 2014 report has revealed that there’s good news for the county’s businesses for the first time since the recession.

James Brown, partner at Grant Thornton, said: “Essex is an exciting, entrepreneurial and diverse county, and home to many highly successful companies. The first ever ‘Essex Ltd’ survey will provide a detailed insight into the county’s top 100 businesses, offering a valuable picture of the Essex business economy.”

Essex Ltd. looks at the performance of the county’s top 100 independent businesses based on turnover, operating profits and number of employees. It also breaks the companies down by sector.

“One of the main reasons for this is the upturn in the property and construction industries, which have had a hell of a year. They are far more profitable which is a clear sign that confidence is returning.”

The amount of bank debt has gone down which is another good indicator for the Essex business community. The total debt of the top 100 companies is down 18% to £1.3bn, while gearing (the proportion of debt to equity) has dropped from 102% to a healthier 84%.

“This is more than we are used to which shows new companies are coming through and that things are moving,” James said.

Across the whole of Essex Ltd, the number of employees went up from 44,998 to 47,278 – an increase of 5.1%.

“All of these findings and figures show that Essex Limited is in a more sound financial position,” James said. “This is the fourth year for Essex Ltd. and this is the most positive year we have seen in that time.

“We hope that the Essex business community takes heart from these result and that we see even more of an upturn next year.”

Here are The Essex Limited 2014 Top 100 Companies by turnover:
Mclaren Construction Group PLC
Hill Holdings Limited
Lakehouse Holdings Limited
Galliard (Group) Limited
MJT Securities Limited
Higgins Group PLC
Sherrygreen Limited
Uniserve Holdings Limited
Caring Homes Healthcare Group Limited
Essex Auto Group Ltd
Essex Group Holdings limited
Walstead Investments Limited
DCK Group
Wilson James Group Limited
Ernest DOE & Sons Limited
KBR Foreign Exchange PLC
Woodland Group Limited
Spicerhaart Group Limited
Breyer Holdings Limited
FJC Holdings
Industrial Chemicals Group
Runwood Homes Limited
Gates Group Limited
Millennium Cash & Carry Limited
Canute UK
Tamdown Group Limited
Wernick Group (Holdings) Limited
M W Beer Holdings Limited
Global Supply Systems
Hagondale Harris Holdings (Grays) Limited
Chelmer Foods Limited
Underwoods Garage (Tiptree) Limited
A P P Wholesale PLC
Chelmsford Star Co-op
HOO Hing Holdings Limited
Rowan International
Nicholls & Clarke Limited
C.A. Blackwell Group Limited
South Essex Stockholders Limited
Swan Investments Group Limited
NKD Maritime Limited
Ipeco Holdings Ltd
Cheale Meats Limited
Diomed Developments Limited
Seetec Business Technology Centre Limited
Coe of Ilford
Mann Group
Climate Energy Holdings
Hills Group Enterprises Limited
A1 Pharmaceuticals Public Limited Company
H. Smith Food Group PLC
Ultimate Security Services Limited
George A. Sherriff Limited
Fairfield Limited
Anderson Construction Limited
Albon Engineering And Manufacturing PLC
Ground Control Holdings
Harris Tobias Limited
Rainham Industrial Services Limited
Maxxima Limited
Ingleby (1863) Limited
Hutton Birch Limited
Healthcare Homes Holdings
Anton Group
R.T.Rate Limited
Abbey View Produce Limited
MDM Timber Limited
PFE Express Limited
Arcus Solutions Limited
Essex Cares
Kluman & Balter
Hallmark Care Homes
Group Holdings Limited
W.& H.Marriage & Sons Limited
Acetrip Limited
DWS Automotive Repair Solutions Limited
Essex Boatyards Limited
Wilkin & Sons Limited
Clarke International Limited
Marchase Limited
Lituanica UK Ltd
Crown Holdings Limited
Youngman Group Limited
Matchroom Sport Limited
Goldcroft Holdings Limited
Hayman Limited
C J Bourne (Asset Management) Limited
Whitehouse Leisure Holdings Limited
Rose Group Limited
Musto Topco
Suncrop Produce Limited
John F Hunt Ltd
Kent,Blaxill & Co,Limited
S.Walsh & Son Limited
Media 10 Holdings Limited
Call Assist Holdings Limited
Clearsprings (Management) Limited
F.H. Nash Limited
Paul Dennicci Limited
Graysons Hospitality

What will be the future of businesses in Essex for the year 2015? Will the current year be successful as last year?

Places to Visit in Essex During Vacation Period

Thought of having a great vacation this year? How about a place with so many attractions? Well, we’ve got you covered on this one. We offer you the chance to visit the most promising and extraordinary place in the whole United Kingdom. It is now your time to visit Essex.

If you don’t know where it is, Essex is a country in England wherein it is located North-East of London. And for additional information, the place borders in the countries of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and then north of Hertfordshire to the west side. Finally, you can see Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south and London to the south-west.

Now enough with the location and let’s get on the great part of the deal. It is your chance to have your say about studying the history, visiting the coolest places on Essex and then have the best moment in your life.

1. Chelmsford Cathedral

Other people love to visit places with so many historical meanings and mesmerizing scenes that you can enjoy the most. If you are that kind of person, for sure you’ll love the Chelmsford Cathedral that can be found in Chelmsford, Essex in England. It is one of the great tourist attractions of the place and it is dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin, ST. Peter and St. Cedd. It became a cathedral when the Anglican Diocese of Chelmsford was created in 1914 and is the seat of the Bishop of Chelmsford.

2. Clacton-on-Sea Beach

This goes out to all the beach bums out there. It is truly a great vacation when you have to go to the beach and just enjoy the sun-kissed treatment of the place. Clacton-on-Sea is the largest town in Tendring peninsula and district in Essex, England. They have created the Clacton-on-Sea Beach to attract more tourists in their place and let them enjoy the sceneries during those summer months.

3. Hylands Park (Chelmsford)

When you already have so much fun with the beach and visiting some magnificent places on Essex, a little stroll in the park could do you some relaxing vibe. The Hylands Park in Chelmsford has so many lovely buildings and gardens that you will surely love the most. They also have this lovely retreat space and house on the outskirts of Chelmsford in which you can really enjoy alone, with friends or with your family.

4. Heybridge Basin (Maldon)

In case you want your vacation to be relax in serene and flawless surroundings, the Heybridge Basin in Maldon, Essex which is a civil parish and large village which is adjacent near the River Blackwater to add some greatness to the place. It’s the perfect place to relax and just get away from the stressful scenery of the city.

5. West Cliff Theatre (Clacton – On – Sea)

If you are into some foreign shows to visit this year, try out the West Cliff Theatre located at Clacton-on-Sea Essex, England in which it is like a small concert party for people who loves romantic and historical shows just like in times before. Now, let’s get on the show alright.

6. Promenade Park (Maldon)

Now if you are traveling with children on board and you want them to occupy their minds and let them enjoy the moment, the Promenade Park at Maldon, Essex is a really great space and one of the coolest place to hangout with your kids and loved ones during vacation. It is safe and also perfect for new families to bond with their kids and partners in life.

7. Castle Park (Colchester)

If you are fanatic of live shows in a convenient place, the lush experience and the expensive park and garden looks of the Castle Park in Colchester, Essex is your one of a kind opportunity to do so in your vacation trip.

8. Combined Military Services Museum (Maldon)

Now for some quality fun time with your family in Essex, don’t forget to visit the Combined Military Services Museum in Maldon for you to learn more about the historical happenings, how Essex become the place it is today and how great the community is.

When you find yourself exploring the different places in Essex, United Kingdom, don’t forget to visit these amazing fun facts that you should visit this year. Stay tune for more everyone!

Nature and Entertainment Activities in Essex

When thinking of Europe, people usually think of a continent that houses power tourist destinations such as England and London. These places are part of the United Kingdom and they are known as common knowledge to folks around the world.

Now, in essence, there is more to them in Europe that is just yet to be discovered. One of these gems would be Essex. Have you heard of it? Well, Essex is a county in England and its name came from the root words, East Saxons. Of course, it has its own government and authorities, alongside industries that contribute to their economic standing. Agriculture, electronics and science, among others, are its dominant businesses.

Talking of tourism, Essex is not one to be left behind. Anyone who is to read this and is planning to go on some trip, you should certain include the area into your itinerary. First off, the county is composed of many towns and villages that are with landscapes and gardens that are picturesque as ever. You will definitely be left in awe as you behold each of them. Supposing you are wanting a breath of fresh air, away from the buzz and pollution of the city, then Essex is for you.

The nature spot is so close to London too, so if you are from there, you can just opt to visit this gem in Europe. The green countryside will surely be a healthy distraction from all the activity. You will no doubt find comfort, solace and happiness around beautifully crafted parks and gardens. Such were done and accomplished by world class gardeners and garden designers.

The coastline of Essex is awaiting you as well, and mind you, it is 350 miles long. The Discovery Coast contains glorious beaches and resorts to take you in for your stay. Family and friends will definitely enjoy each other’s company on the sand as they swim, collect shells, sunbathe or even just bird watch on the lengthy shore. On top of these, there is Southend’s pleasure pier, which is the longest in the world at 1.3 miles.

This part of the United Kingdom is considered 70% rural. Therefore, you get to delight in a peaceful environment. Visit markets, mills and vineyards to get to taste being a local. Dip into their culture through antique shops and villages.

Supposing that you feel adventurous, you and your pals can head on to the Lee Valley White Water Centre. Canoeing and rafting activities can be enjoyed, and this is with skilled guides that will push you to your limits. All in all, it will be a fun and unforgettable experience.

Take your trip to Essex to the next level by engaging in energetic and action packed activities. Climbing, biking, hiking, archery, sailing, golf and high ropes are just few of them that the place can offer. If you are one who loves the adrenaline rush, you are definitely in the right setting.

There is the Marsh Farm Animal Park, Tropical Wings Zoo, Barleylands Farm Park and the Old Macdonald’s Farm, among others, where you can drop by with your children. A wide array of animals are in there for you to check out and even interact with. Your little ones will no doubt be delighted.

Do you fancy treasure hunting? Well, geocaching is a high tech version in Essex. With GPS devices and smartphones, you are to locate hidden geocaches. Aside from this being a wonderful experience to take in the culture and history of the county, you get to bond with your loved ones and companions. As you look for the treasures, you can go combine it with biking or cycling too, for example.

And if you still want to take in some historical accounts, the Central Museum and Planetarium, the Chelmsford Museum, the Harlow Museum, the Maeldune Heritage Centre and more are around to enrich you and your mind. Art exhibitions and events are present all year round to entertain both locals and tourists.

In addition, there are fairs, festivals, concerts and theatre performances. The Cliffs Pavilion, Brentwood Theatre and Mercury Theatre, in particular, are common venues for these recreations. Indulge yourself in different fun filled shows and ceremonies that may not be around back home.

All in all, Essex is a fantastic travel destination. Though London is a great spot to journey in but if you explore a little bit, around the north east part, then you will discover the beauty and purpose of this gem. Essex is always ready to welcome everyone.

Featured Business November: SkipsNow

Cleaning out your home and garden can be an activity that you can do with your family. Other than a bonding experience, it can also be also a platform for you to make your property a more spacious and more organised place to live and stay in.

In this way, you can get to discover the many stuff you have that have actually become useless. There may be many things just hidden underneath that you must throw out already. Take this time to be the opportunity to clear out anything unnecessary and to make room for new additions.

But with the waste that you have collected, what are you to do with them?

To help you is no other than SkipsNow skip hire company. The business caters to you by collecting all the materials you are to throw out and bringing them to the appropriate waste facilities. These sites will then handle and manage all the rubbish you have in a way that will benefit the environment in general.

Now, taking advantage of skip hire Essex is essential for you to be able to really clear out your garbage. Whatever the size of your rubbish dump is, there is a skip that is right for you. Sizes range from small, medium and large and you can decide on that as you estimate your waste. It is important to note though that you should rent one that is of a bigger size to give some space allowance. With this, you can be assured that you can avoid overfilling and/or you can have some area to add more trash. Filling a skip beyond its capacity is definitely illegal and dangerous, so it must never be done.

What SkipsNow does is to basically fetch your waste matter and provide containers for you to place it in. Transport from your ground area to the skip itself is performed by them as well, so you will not have to worry about any of that. All you have to do is to prepare the garbage you are to release and wait for the lorry to come and pick them up.

Renting a skip is so beneficial for any homeowner because you can get rid of what you do not need in an easy and quick way. You must be aware though that there are specific materials that can and cannot be put inside a skip. Allowed ones are furniture pieces and garden debris like grass and weeds, among others. Construction materials such as concrete, cements, bricks and all that are permitted as well. Those that are not admitted are hazardous substances such as fuel, gas and even paint. Batteries and tyres cannot be included too. This is because only authorised people have the power and knowledge to administer their disposal.

Bottom line is, if you are ever doing some spring cleaning, there is no one else you should call for your skip needs. For sure your rubbish will be in good hands as you employ SkipsNow.

Garage Flooring Services in Essex


Garage flooring is an essential factor of a great garage. It covers all the space and gives protection to you and your car. There will be harsh chemicals and substances that may leak from your auto and with a good floor covering choice, you will be able to avoid damages such as cracks and faults to the floor itself. And then, you will also be safe from accidents like stumbling or falling and even leg or feet pain.

If you live in Essex or around that area, a garage flooring service company you can trust is AxleTile. It is founded by Bradley Thompson and from a small store that specializes in interlocking floor tiles, now they offer other flooring choices as well.

AxleTile garage flooring is of course of high quality and they let you decide if you want to do the installation yourself, also known as DIY, or if you want the professionals to do the job for you.

Their selection includes PVC flooring, vinyl flooring, rubber floor tiles and many more. Aside from your garage needs, they also cater to your workshop.

In terms of appearance and look, you will not have to worry because varying colors and styles are available for you to choose from. For sure, no matter what the concept of your garage is, you will be able to find a flooring design that is right and suitable. And this also proves that flooring does not necessarily have to be boring or lifeless. You can have fun and experiment!

Supposing that you are not from Essex, but you are still from the United Kingdom, that is no problem at all! In actuality, AxleTile accommodates orders from anywhere in the UK. And if you are not a resident of any of these places at all, but you are willing to pay a few more for their services, you can just easily contact and negotiate with them online through their website.

Anyhow, you have to be wise in shopping and purchasing garage flooring. Study and delve into even basic information on them so that you are able to discuss and put your two cents in when you talk with retailers and salespeople. This can avoid you being in situations of deceit and fraud.

When looking, always bring a checklist of features so that you will have a guide and so that you will not be sidetracked by pleasant and alluring sales talk. If you come across a good find, do not buy rashly. Instead, take note of that store and proceed to others because you might find a better and cheaper one elsewhere. Always do compare prices and flooring qualities.

Then again, in the Essex and the whole of United Kingdom, AxleTile is ready at all times to provide and satisfy you with their range of flooring products and installation services. You will not have to go far because locally, you have one that is reliable and trustworthy in their objective to present you with topnotch floor solutions.

Looking for Work? Vacancies for care work


Care work can come in different forms from child care, health care, and elderly care work. All of these need special attention, though the latter would require extra. It is a noble occupation that people have been in through the years. Some have earned a living with it while others have been motivated to do it for service due to affection or sense of responsibility.

In any case, care work is a rewarding field, whether you are paid or not. You play a big role not just in the people’s lives but also in the society as a whole. You simply make the world a better place.

Care work Peterborough is growing with more care homes being built now. And that explains the never ending opportunities as well.

At this point, if you are looking for work, there are a lot of vacancies out there.If you are compassionate and full of love, keen of looking after people, and resilient in a job that requires utmost effort and patience, then you are an ideal and worthy candidate to be a care worker.

Getting into care work is serious business and it is not one you can take for granted. It is a career where you interact a lot with people, young to old, sick and elderly, and each of them have distinct personalities and characters. Being a care worker or carer is of great responsibility, where people usually depend on you. It can even qualify as a service that can change lives.The society considers care work as an important entity in people’s lives, most especially for those who cannot take care of themselves or those who have no one to care for them at all.

Looking for work and seeing vacancies for care work might not be of interest to men because of the notion that the male race just does not do domestic labor, but now, the scope for employment has become wide and open to any gender and even ethnicity.Women do have the advantage but care work again does not limit to females. A lot of men have actually joined the care work vocation and they have so far been successful.

Hence, if you are in search for a job, consider a career in the care work line. Wages may vary but it is safe to say that a lot of advocates have stood up for higher pays and salaries for care workers who perform and do their duties, as well as to promote and encourage more people to get into this upright job called care work.

There is a definite need for selfless and loving people who are willing to be of assistance and service to those deprived of love and attention. This is also a wakeup call for usthatperhaps family members in our homes like mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, even grandmothers and grandfathers, have been doing care work for free, even! So, what more when you are doing care work with remuneration?

Dani’s New Boutique

Danielle Armstrong’s new boutique is hitting it strong with the local shoppers! Supported by her fans and co-stars of TOWIE, the opening was a big hit.


YOUNGSTERS and children went missing from county council carebaby-carriage-337696_150 on virtually 2,000 occasions over 2 years, numbers disclose. There were 1,979 events of young people as much as 17 taped as missing out on in between January 2012 and December 2013. Two asylum seekers are still missing, while 11 of them were aged one or younger.

A spokesperson claimed: “Essex County Council takes its duties in the direction of cared for children quite seriously which includes when kids go missing.”.

The numbers were launched adhering to an all over the country Flexibility of Details demand.

The NSPCC branded the information “quite alarming”.

Kent had one of the most damning record, with 458 youngsters going missing on 2,623 celebrations.

Essex Region Council rejected to identify precisely how many youngsters were videotaped missing.

“The numbers consisted of within the FOI response have to be viewed in context. Essex County Council is the 2nd largest local authority in England, by populace, and there is, consequentially, a higher number of kids that it has legal responsibility for,” added the spokesperson.

Liberal Democrat county councillor Jude Deakin, that sits on the corporate parenting panel, stated children can be tape-recorded as missing by simply falling short to return home on schedule after college. Deakin added: “Inevitably if kids want to go missing they will.”

Alarming  indeed but do you agree with what Deakin said?

5p for Shopping Bags

The Queen will announce her Government’s plans to charge buyers 5p for plastic bags in her annual speech at Westminster today.

The move complies with an EU choice to lessen plastic bag usage by 80 per cent before 2019.

The five pence fee for non reusable plastic bags will apply to all supermarkets and bigger stores based on reports.

The typical Englishman or woman make use of 130 of the carroers each year.

Environmental advocates claim the bags use up to 1,000 years to break down and induce significant injury to marine animals and birds.

The action has currently been presented by the Welsh government and will certainly now be generated England from the autumn of 2015.

In other parts of the globe the bags have currently been binned with countries providing outright bans of the environmental risks.

Many countries like Germany, South Africa, Italy, Japan, China, Sweden, Malta and Turkey are amongst those to have removed the bags.

Other nations have actually issued partial restrictions which is why you will certainly never ever find the bags in Australian supermarkets or in Mumbai.