Wedding Photographer for Essex and London Venues


Wedding ceremonies are priceless moments that we want to hold dear and cherish for all of our lifetime. These are times in our lives where we start a new chapter with our partners and we want to remember them forever.

So, if you’re getting married and in need of a photographer that will fantastically capture and take care of your memorable wedding moments, here is a Cambridgeshire based wedding photographer that will surely cater to your needs.

Scott-Wood Photography in London is run by a professional photographer, Kevin, who has regular and reliable experience in photographing and documenting weddings everywhere. He is open to the opportunity to travel, especially to places he has not been to.

When you’re in search of a wonderful photographer, he is definitely recommended. Aside from traveling to wherever to do photography, Kevin has also taken his valuable shots in marvelous settings across Cambridge, East England, Essex, London, Sussex and Oxfordshire.

The power to transport you back to a particular moment in time just by looking at a photo –Kevin and Scott-Wood Photography has the confidence in bringing that to you. Happy and unforgettable memories will no doubt be experienced again with just a glimpse of his images.

Kevin has been into photography since he was young so you can see how far he has come since then. His own share of experiences have seasoned his skill and inspired him in different ways.

As much as he is privileged to work for many customers, he feels more honored to be able to document an important and intimate moment for a couple as they exchange vows and live their life together.

Nevertheless, his journey to wedding photography has been years full of hard work, study and some luck. Kevin was an architectural and commercial photographer before then shifted to become a wedding photographer because of a wedding photojournalist who inspired him.

The Scott-Wood Photography is certainly in demand so book as early as possible. They have wedding offers that you may avail like the Digital Collections and Albums. Digital Collections include pre and post wedding consultations, wedding coverage, high resolution images in a CD or USB, and a password protected online gallery for you and your guests to view. Albums, on the other hand, are high quality ones that comprise fine art, coffee table and overlay. Extras like pre and post wedding shoots, parents and guests albums, additional photographers and the like are also available.

Be sure to check out the photos in his portfolio and see for yourself if Kevin and his team suit your photography wants and needs. If you wish to hire Kevin, first see to it that he is available for that particular day and then if he is, he can arrange to meet with you for a consultation and discussion of ideas.

Hiring your wedding photographer is no easy task but we’re here to help you, as we introduced Scott-Wood Photography and their competence and experience in wedding documentation. Here is a photographer that will accommodate your requests whenever available and wherever, especially in Essex and London venues.


Posted on June 28, 2014 in Essex News

YOUNGSTERS and children went missing from county council carebaby-carriage-337696_150 on virtually 2,000 occasions over 2 years, numbers disclose. There were 1,979 events of young people as much as 17 taped as missing out on in between January 2012 and December 2013. Two asylum seekers are still missing, while 11 of them were aged one or younger.

A spokesperson claimed: “Essex County Council takes its duties in the direction of cared for children quite seriously which includes when kids go missing.”.

The numbers were launched adhering to an all over the country Flexibility of Details demand.

The NSPCC branded the information “quite alarming”.

Kent had one of the most damning record, with 458 youngsters going missing on 2,623 celebrations.

Essex Region Council rejected to identify precisely how many youngsters were videotaped missing.

“The numbers consisted of within the FOI response have to be viewed in context. Essex County Council is the 2nd largest local authority in England, by populace, and there is, consequentially, a higher number of kids that it has legal responsibility for,” added the spokesperson.

Liberal Democrat county councillor Jude Deakin, that sits on the corporate parenting panel, stated children can be tape-recorded as missing by simply falling short to return home on schedule after college. Deakin added: “Inevitably if kids want to go missing they will.”

Alarming  indeed but do you agree with what Deakin said?

5p for Shopping Bags

Posted on June 5, 2014 in Essex News

The Queen will announce her Government’s plans to charge buyers 5p for plastic bags in her annual speech at Westminster today.

The move complies with an EU choice to lessen plastic bag usage by 80 per cent before 2019.

The five pence fee for non reusable plastic bags will apply to all supermarkets and bigger stores based on reports.

The typical Englishman or woman make use of 130 of the carroers each year.

Environmental advocates claim the bags use up to 1,000 years to break down and induce significant injury to marine animals and birds.

The action has currently been presented by the Welsh government and will certainly now be generated England from the autumn of 2015.

In other parts of the globe the bags have currently been binned with countries providing outright bans of the environmental risks.

Many countries like Germany, South Africa, Italy, Japan, China, Sweden, Malta and Turkey are amongst those to have removed the bags.

Other nations have actually issued partial restrictions which is why you will certainly never ever find the bags in Australian supermarkets or in Mumbai.